A chemical-resistant and slip-resistant water park surface.

PLAYPOUR’s top layer is ideal for water parks because the rubber and urethane components resist the usually harmful effects of water and chemicals. Its slip-resistant qualities make this surface safe for play. Shock absorption is enough for this application. Because PLAYPOUR is mixed and applied on site, shock absorption can be increased in specified areas by adding the base layer. PLAYPOUR can be applied over an asphalt or concrete base. You have nearly endless color and design possibilities!

Product Data

LEED® credits PLAYPOUR is eligible for LEED® credits. The Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED®) Green Building Rating System™ represents the U.S. Green Building Council’s effort to provide a national standard for what constitutes a “green building.” PLAYPOUR can assist architects and designers in obtaining LEED certification.

ADA compliant PLAYPOUR is ADA compliant. When the PLAYPOUR system is installed, wheelchairs and crutches negotiate the playground without difficulty, thus conforming to the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act and ASTM F-1951-99 Determination of Playground Surface Accessibility.


Standard Solid Colors

Colors may vary slightly from samples shown.


Color Combinations

Any of the above colors can be mixed in combination with another color or mixture of colors to achieve a blended, speckled look. A percentage of black mixed with a color or multiple colors camouflages dirt and reduces the price. All other factors being equal, the higher the percentage of black in the top surface mix, the lower the price.

Urethane Choices

Throughout the industry, the urethane binder that encapsulates the granules is produced in two forms: aromatic (standard pricing) and aliphatic (up-charge). It is never required to use aliphatic binder, but from an aesthetic standpoint particularly advisable to consider its use with colors such as blue, pearl, purple and gray because aromatic binder “yellows” slightly upon exposure to ultraviolet rays. This thin layer of urethane wears off with foot traffic and weathering typically within two to six months. Aliphatic binder comes with added cost, but added benefits, too: greater resistance to wear and tear from foot traffic and the elements; outstanding tensile strength; clear appearance makes the surface vibrant and the rubber true to color


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Playpour Promise

The system uses proven and industry-leading components. Representatives are experienced playground surfacing companies; and use certified installation crews. Playgrounds and water parks in any part of the country are assured of quality installation and professional ongoing support.